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MARY FUCKING SHELLEY.  ’oh, i’m a nineteen year old female in a world where females are basically valued only as mothers, grieving over the loss of my child, disowned by my father, in dire financial straights, stuck in a country that’s not my own, ignored and cheated on by my husband, and belittled by my husband’s friends?  how am i going to deal with this?  WHY DON’T I COMPLETELY CHANGE THE RULES OF LITERATURE, MOTHERFUCKERS?  AND WHILE I’M AT IT, I’LL SIMULTANEOUSLY INVENT AN ENTIRE NEW GENRE, AND WRITE THE FIRST NON-RELIGIOUS CREATION MYTH.’

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If you were to create the perfect tv show for the people of tumblr, the checklist would be:

  • queer protagonists (but their sexuality is not the focus)
  • non-sexualised and well-rounded female characters
  • villains with a clear and justifiable motive
  • a careful and accurate portrayal of mental health issues
  • a sci-fi or fantasy element
  • a beautiful and lovely cast to fall in love with
  • impeccable script writing, acting, directing and cinematography

yeah wouldn’t that be nice… oh wait


in the flesh writing treatment


Everyone at school is fake as shit….. Myself included

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this vine is better than all of paranormal activity


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vines things to show alex